x1000 Multi-Energy Static Gantry, CT Explosives Detection System
Built from the ground up for checked baggage screening, the most unique, high performing and economical solution in the market today
Next-Generation Design and Technology: Through the application of advanced engineering and technology, the x1000 can meet current needs and adapt to emerging threats

SureScan™ Corporation is an emerging leader and global company bringing advanced, explosive detection technology and superior manufacturing to the homeland security marketplace. In May 2015, SureScan Corporation was awarded an additional $1M in government funding for research in advancing explosive detection technology. With its innovative designs and ongoing government support, SureScan continues to lead in the development of advanced security technology, providing cost effective solutions that meet the most rigorous quality and performance standards.

SureScan is solely focused on providing explosive detection solutions. The SureScan x1000 checked baggage screening system, is engineered and designed according to SureScan’s philosophy, that technology should be designed with the customer in mind.

SureScan is a team of highly educated experts devoted to providing customers with the most innovative technology with lower maintenance and lifecycle costs. The SureScan x1000 checked baggage screening solution allows baggage to be screened efficiently and effectively and helps keep travelers safe.

Built from the ground up specifically for checked baggage screening rather than as an adaptation of a medical technology like many systems, the x1000 is suited to the airport environment and designed with a baggage-handling interface in mind. Unlike a medical environment, baggage-handling areas in airports are constrained, dusty environments with operation every day, 365 days a year. Our scanning solutions are designed to install and function seamlessly in this environment. SureScan is the clear choice for baggage screening because it is a company that goes above and beyond industry requirements and expectations.

Customers of SureScan can expect:

The x1000 Multi-Energy Static Gantry CT Explosives Detection System
Large Rectangular Tunnel
Fits tall and wide baggage, preventing costly bag jams and system downtime
Multi-Energy Detection
For atomic number analysis detects current and emerging threats such as home made explosives (HMEs) with a high level of accuracy and low false alarm rates
Efficient Platform
Easy to set up and self-calibrates
suitcase Scanner
Decreased Power Usage
50 percent lower operating power consumption and simple air cooling eliminates pricey air condition operation and fees
Static Gantry
No moving parts, low maintenance and replacement costs
Upgradable Processing and Algorithm Engines
Field-upgradeable options to address future requirements, such as increased belt speeds, lower false alarm rates, and future threats
Characteristics arrow
Machine designation/model
SureScan x1000
CT geometry
Fixed sources; no rotating gantry; minimal moving parts (conveyor belt and fans only)
Tunnel dimensions (W x H)
1000 mm x 600 mm, 1000 mm x 800 mm (2H2016)
Maximum object size (W x H x L)
990 mm x 590 mm x 1570 mm; full rectangular tunnel the length of the scanner (no neckdown)
Dimensions & weight (W x H x L)
Scanner with pedestal: 2210 mm x 2655 mm x 4844 mm; 6174 kg
Scanner without pedestal: 2210 mm x 2274 mm x 4844 mm; 6022 kg
Conveyor height
Scanner with pedestal: 838 mm
Scanner without pedestal: 457 mm
Belt speed
0.24 m/s - 0.5 m/s
*Contact SureScan for latest certified speeds by region
Operating environment
Scanner: 10°C up to 40°C; 10% to 85% RH, non-condensing, air-cooled scanner, no AC required
CT/Multiplexer Rack: 10°C to 40°C; 10% to 85% RH, non-condensing.
Power supply requirements
Scanner: 400/480/575 VAC +/-5%, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 15 amps (typical loads) at 480 VAC
CT/Multiplexer Rack: 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 3 drops (one 15 amps, two 10 amps - typical loads)
Power consumption
Scanner: 7.5 kW, CT Rack: 7.0 kW, typical. Less power than a rotating gantry.
X-ray leakage
Validation to country specific limits performed in-house and on site
X-ray voltage
CT Performance arrow
860 bags/hr @ 0.24 m/s
1240 bags/hr @ .35 m/s
1915 bags/hr @ 0.50 m/s
*Contact SureScan for latest certified speeds by region
Multi-energy material discrimination
Multi-energy, photon counting detectors; density and effective atomic number used for discrimination in 3D reconstruction
Operator Interface arrow
Graphical interface
2D (radiograph), 3D (volumetric), and 2D (slice) images of scanned bags is available;
user interface supports standard capability for image viewing
Operational & Maintenance arrow
User/operator interface
Easy to use graphical interface on scanner utilizing touchscreen input. GUI interface on workstations. Extensive manuals and training available
Calibration intervals & cycle times
Self calibrating between bags, no impact to machine availability
Safeguarding against future regulatory requirements
Advanced technology, software upgrades can be made at the customer’s request and schedule, future algorithms are upgradeable in the field, new explosives classes like HMEs can be added, software configurable throughput (belt speed), multiple and simultaneous algorithms; modular design of hardware and software simplifies upgrades
Ability to upgrade or enhance technological capability
Use of advanced technology and a modular design allows for hardware and/or software updates in the field
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Why Work at SureScan?

SureScan employees work closely with the product, making a difference every day to protect people and improve security. We are always looking to hire the most talented, innovative and enthusiastic individuals for developing, manufacturing, and marketing explosive detection systems.

SureScan offers a variety of employment opportunities for creative and qualified individuals who think out of the box with skills in the fields of Engineering, Mathematics, Quality, Software Development, and Program Management. We are seeking candidates with industry experience as well as recent graduates and those with research experience. Candidates with U.S. security clearance are a plus for appropriate positions.

Our employees enjoy a benefit package which includes health coverage, a retirement savings plan, time off and an exciting work environment. SureScan is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status. Email your CV and salary requirement to:

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