SureScan Corporation is a global company bringing advanced, high-speed technology and superior manufacturing to the homeland security marketplace. SureScan combines innovative technology with world-class development, production and value engineering expertise. SureScan is an ISO 9000 certified company.

Our business model is based on understanding the needs of stakeholders and providing solutions that help them achieve their goals. We believe critical security issues need to be addressed without dismissing basic economic realities. This pragmatic approach has led to solutions that are efficient, economical, and able to meet the most rigorous quality standards.

SureScan remains at the leading edge of security technology. Our scope of development includes advances made by our team of experts, as well as technology acquired from around the world. Always seeking new and more effective ways to meet the needs of the homeland security marketplace, we continue to carefully monitor innovative developments and discoveries, partnering with other technology firms where appropriate, and in some cases acquiring promising new technologies.

SureScan is a dynamic, growing company and is always seeking candidates with the right mix of expertise, education, and motivation.


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